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About Us

Love Ya Face allows you to look stylish and spread positivity at the same time. Our brand promotes high self-esteem and self love. no matter if it's a cold night in New York City or a hot day in Miami, we've got the perfect pieces to keep you fashionable and comfortable. 

Love Ya Face was founded in 2011 by Philadelphia native Syheed "Sy Mosquiat" Goodman. The idea stemmed from the amount of individuals who weren't pleased with themselves due to the opinions of others. Low self-esteem, unhappiness and bullying are reasons for the tremendous increase in the suicide rate. Our goal is to spread a message throughout the world for each individual to love who they are no matter what.

"I would like to thank everyone for their support, even if you have never purchased an Item; I am happy with you just simply spreading a positive message. Without you all, none of this would be possible, so thank you again and keep on supporting."


Syheed Goodman